Offering quality diesel preventative maintenance

The backbone of any truck fleet is a quality preventive maintenance (PM) program. At Truck PM Plus we are believers; so much so, it’s the name of our company! Truck PM Plus offers several types of PM packages including 49-Point Service/Inspection, Trailer PM Service/Inspection, Customized Service Packages and Annual Federal and Texas State DOT Inspections.

49-Point Service/Inspection

Our 49-Point Service is a much more in depth inspection of your vehicle that includes fluid drain, chassis lubrication and filter change, as well as, hands on, in depth inspection of your vehicle. Areas of concern are noted and you are made aware of deficiencies so that repairs can be made on the spot or scheduled for a future visit.

Trailer PM Service/Inspection

The trailer services we offer on site are comprehensive. They were developed to meet a need for those fleets that have multiple, frequently transient, trailers that require complete service on site.

Customized Service Packages

Truck PM Plus can also perform Custom PM services, whether provided by the customer themselves or developed specifically for the customer by us, you can be assured that all work will be completed quickly, efficiently and professionally by the Truck PM Plus staff!

Annual Federal and Texas State DOT Inspection

Since 1989, operators of commercial vehicles have been required by federal law to have an annual inspection performed on their vehicles. In addition to Federal Guidelines, commercial trucks operating in the state of Texas are subject to a Texas State DOT Inspection.


All of our service locations are able to perform the service and will do so methodically and with great care. At the conclusion of the inspection we will provide you with the proper documentation and install a decal indicating your compliance. If for any reason the vehicle does not meet the required standards you will be provided a list of needed repairs and will have 30 days to have the repairs completed.


To ensure the quality of our service our technicians must be certified annually to perform the inspection. Additionally, quality audits of our technicians are scheduled on a regular basis to be certain the integrity and rigid standards of our PM inspection is maintained. Be sure to ask for a copy of the narrative that explains in detail the best PM service in the business.


It is our goal to help you meet the requirements of a quality Preventive Maintenance Program. While we are confident in our inspections, but we are aware that some companies want to conduct their own inspection. We are happy to quote those for you based on time and materials.